Fast hemostasis information for improved outcomes

CoagCare Platform

01 / FAST

Less than 5-10 minutes 

from insertion of sample (approx. 20 microliters) to

full viscoelastic curve and parameter generation


Low-cost, single-use diagnostic test strips that interface with a wireless, handheld meter that is vibration-insensitive


Mechanical viscoelasticity and density measurement for blood coagulation diagnostics



  • Thromboelastography

    • Clot Formation Time​

    • Clot Stiffness (Fibrinogen)

    • Platelet Activity

    • Fibrinolysis

  • Thrombin Generation Assay

  • Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOAC) Monitoring (including Factor IIa and Xa drug differentiation)

  • Prothrombin Time (PT) / International Normalized Ratio (INR)

  • Hematocrit (Hct)

  • Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT)

  • Low- and High-range Activated Clotting Time (ACT)


* feasibility demonstrated ​on clinical & analytical blood samples



Coagulopathy is a major cause of death in COVID-19 patients

Viscoelastic tests can accurately detect and manage Coagulopathy

Critical need for fast, point-of-care (POC) viscoelastic tests to:

  • Quickly screen for coagulopathy in asymptomatic and symptomatic COVID-19 patients.

  • Provide closed-loop therapeutic management in ambulatory, inpatient and outpatient settings.​

 ​ Abram Scientific is engaging with frontline physicians at leading ER and trauma centers to address this critical need using the CoagCare platform.



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